Leon Shein, MD
Medical Director

Leon Shein, MD, is the medical director at Doral Health and Wellness. He is a physician leader with extensive experience in the healthcare industry. He is a well-respected and accomplished individual with an excellent track record of academic and clinical successes.

Dr. Shein has been named a U.S. News Top Doctor. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Nephrology and has over 30 years of experience. He oversees all medical and clinical programs within the facility. He also oversees all related community clinical programs.

Dr. Shein’s vast medical experience provides the entire clinical team the support needed for any clinical encounter. He is super focused on identifying gaps in care to ensure that our patients are treated comprehensively throughout our integrated health delivery model. He ensures that the entire medical team works closely with the behavioral health department to ensure they are sensitive to any behavioral health concerns.

Dr. Shein is constantly collaborating with our Care Management team to ensure coordinated and timely follow-up with medical issues and social determinants of health are identified and addressed with the support of the medical team.