Doral Health & Wellness Social Adult Day Care Rules

💠 No soliciting or illegal activities.

💠 No use of profanity, spitting, yelling, fighting, stealing, or smoking.

💠 No consumption of alcoholic beverages.

💠 All members will respect each other’s property.

💠 Members will demonstrate cultural sensitivity to each other and staff.

💠 Please take care of personal hygiene (i.e., body odor, clean clothing, etc.).

💠 Please occupy only one seat in the Dining Room.

💠 Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

💠 All participants should know the emergency procedures.

💠 Disruptive behavior is not acceptable. Disruptive behavior is defined as: using profanity, deliberately inviting confrontation, refusing
to comply with the house rules, maliciously spreading rumors, any behavior leading to deterioration of morale among the members or staff, physical assault, drunken conduct, and unruly behavior that may cause damage or physical harm.

➼ The Director has the authority to remove an individual from the premises immediately if the individual breaks one of the above rules. The police may be called if necessary. The individual will not be permitted to re-enter the site until they have appeared before the Grievance Committee. The Committee must hold a hearing for this purpose within 5 days of the incident. The individual may resume involvement in center activities if the Grievance Committee hearing is not held in the specified 5-day period.

➼ A Director/Assistant Director can order a member whose behavior is upsetting other members or disrupting the Center’s activities to leave the Center for the remainder of that day and calm down. If the member is ordered to leave before lunch, the member will not be served lunch. If ordered to leave after lunch, the member will not be able to participate in any activities the following day. If the member refuses to leave, depending upon the potential danger of the situation and at the discretion of the Director, the police may be called.

➼ In the first instance of disruptive behavior, the member or other individual will be counseled by the Director or Assistant Director and will receive a formal letter of warning indicating the possible consequences of future offenses. The second offense will result in a person being prohibited from attending the Center for not more than 3 months. The third offense will result in a person being prohibited from attending the Center for not more than 6 months.

✤ And most importantly, the Golden Rule: Always treat others with respect! ✤