Did you know that National Health Center Week is this week? From August 8, 2021, to August 14, 2021, people can show appreciation to medical experts and health centers.

National Health Center Week

This year’s National Health Center Week theme is “The Chemistry for Strong Communities.” This year, we celebrate the future of public health and primary health care helping underserved populations.

Seniors can celebrate National Health Center Week by going to Doral’s center and enrolling in Doral Health & Wellness Adult Social Day Care.

Our Adult Social Day Care seniors can enjoy Doral Health & Wellness’ medical center staffed with dedicated healthcare workers and many amenities.

Some of our amenities include a café, exercise room, yoga studio, and a bird aviary. Additionally, seniors can celebrate National Health Center by meeting with their primary care physician at Doral Health and Wellness.

Our motto of “Caring for Our Community’s Health” is in perfect alliance with the National Health Center’s theme for the year 2021.

Call 718-971-1942 to enroll at Doral Health & Wellness Adult Day Care today.