Doral Fresh Available to Seniors

Seniors enrolled in Doral Health & Wellness Adult Day Care can use our senior-friendly app to schedule fresh and gourmet meals for contact-free at-home deliveries.

At Doral Health & Wellness Adult Day Care, seniors can start their day with Doral Fresh! Order Doral Fresh according to your dietary preferences by using our app Doral Day Care. The app can be found on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Doral Health & Wellness releases the Adult Day Care app to give seniors the freedom to choose their favorite Doral Fresh meals from our holistic menu. Seniors can also learn how to make nourishing meals such as smoothies on Smoothie Day.

Doral Fresh food

Our goal is to provide an enriching and safe environment for seniors. You and your loved ones will feel at ease while getting supervised, compassionate senior care.

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